Yolanda Grotto


Hey hey!
I'm 30+ located in the EST timezone of the US. I have a full time job so I try to hop on and play when I can.
I've been playing FF14 for a little over two years now and I haven't RPed for near decades so I'm fairly new to this realm of the game.I'm open to many types of RP. My usual taste touches on mature subjects so I only RP with 21+ individuals. My style usually mirrors those I am around. That said, my favorite format is semi-para.

RP Hooks

♥ Entertainer::
She works for Ars Goetia.
♥ Aether Vampire::
She was attacked and turned.
♥ Bartender::
She'd be happy to make you a drink.
♥ Hedonist::
She believes life is meant to live with pleasure.
♥ Social Butterfly::
She will likely be the one to walk up suddenly and say "Hello"!
♥ Acolyte::
She is an Oracle, Theologian, and Clergy member of The Temple of Memphina.


• [ BASICS ] •
Age :: 33
Gender :: Female (She/Her)
Race :: Elezen - Duskwight
Birthplace :: Gridania
Nationality :: Ishgardian
Occupation :: Courtesan, Oracle, Theologian
Sexuality :: Pansexual
Romanics :: Polyamorous
(Keeper of A'sari Rhuwa)
(Lover of Risha Gugoza)
(Submissive of Cedira Valenia)

Hair :: Jet Black.
Eyes :: Amber orange.
Skin :: Pale green.
Height :: 5 fulms 11 ilms
Build :: Tall and fit with wide hips and a large chest.
Markings :: Heavily tattooed.
Common Style :: Gothic
Voice/Accent :: Posh/Ishgardian
Personality ::
+ Warm, friendly, caring, loyal, supportive
- Flighty, alcoholic, workaholic, aether hungry


Yolanda was born in Gridania to Alfort Grotto, a soldier, and Ilsitte Paupiere, a scholar. She had no siblings and so as a child she would learn to make a lot of friends in the forests of the Shroud. Her father was orginally from the lands of Coerthas and was born to a noble family. Her mother, Shroud born and grew up well off also. Stationed in Gridania, Alfort met Ilsitte and they fell in love.Not long after Yolanda's 11th birthday Alfort was called back to Ishgard to serve a Temple Knight. Growing up in the cold and bleak Coerthas, and having to make new friends, Yolanda kept her head in her school studies. She did not get along with most of the noble kids and was an outcast among them. Even having to attend the Church of the Holy See proved to challenge her as it added to how very different everything felt from what she remembered of Gridania.Feeling the stress and pressure from the noble expectations, and also generally becoming unhappy themselves, Alfort and Ilsette eventually separated splitting. Alfort staying in Ishgard to fufill his duties and Ilsette moved back to Gridania, causing Yolanda to move back and forth between.As she reached young adulthood Yolanda, being an only child, wanted badly to appease her parents. She joined the Ishgard's military and worked her way up the ranks. Sometime down the line she fell in love with a "lowborn" woman from the Brume who was a courtesan. Months into their relationship they got engaged and when her parents found out they disapproved immediately, but it was the only sense of rebellion Yolanda felt she was brave enough to muster.Then tragedy struck...Her father fell terminally ill and passed not even a month later... The Archbishop and his Heavens Ward called Yolanda forth to take her father's place, being an exceptional fighter and good reputation amongst the nobles, church, and military. She reluctantly accepted. The shortness of life and the pressure from her new Knighthood led Yolanda to also accept her partners hand in marriage. Not long after, her mother stopped speaking to her after having warned Yolanda of her partner's toxic tendencies. Yolanda and her mother's relationship had been broken ever since.Over a year later it all became too much for Yolanda. She quit her Knighthood, left her wife, and left everything behind, running to the dark streets of Ul'dah. She had gone through a dark period while there but through it all she found herself and the life she wanted to lead. To live a life for herself and to have fun while doing it.